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It’s no secret that so many people are nervous about seeing the dentist. Sometimes, people will put off seeing the dentist for decades because they’re just too anxious to make it to the dental chair. At Dentistry on the Square, we care about your wellbeing and comfort. From having a major procedure done to more routine dental work, we never want you to feel frightened or anxious. Dr. Stuntz offers oral sedation for nervous patients who need help. You receive a prescription for a mild sedative before your appointment. By the time you’re ready to laugh and learn with us in the dental chair, you’re feeling just fine. Oral sedation is safe and effective. We’re ready to talk about your sedation options whenever you are! Please don’t hesitate to call our office and ask to speak with someone about our oral sedation options for nervous patients. One phone call can change everything you think you know about general dentistry in New Oxford.