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Dental hygiene at Dentistry on the Square is how we keep your smile looking and feeling healthy and clean. Gone are the days of scraping and scratching teeth. We rely on state-of-the-art Cavitron technology. It’s a kind of ultrasonic scaler that makes having your teeth cleaned a more comfortable and efficient experience. The Cavitron is specially designed to use high-frequency sound waves to clean your teeth. Sounds out of this world, right? These special waves vibrate away plaque, tartar, and other stuff stuck on your teeth. The device itself can sound a little screechy, sprays water, and does have a small vibration. Since there’s no need for scraping any more, you’re going to notice that your dental hygiene visit is easy and pain-free. Another added benefit of using the Cavitron for dental hygiene is that the water and ultrasound waves can kill and wipe out bacteria. With the hand instruments of the past, you run the risk of moving bacteria around in your mouth, not getting rid of it. Come and see how cool the Cavitron is. It will change the way you feel about having your teeth cleaned!