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Life-Changing Dental Services in New Oxford

Dental Care That’s Always There for You

Are you ready for the good news? You can stop searching for reliable dental services in New Oxford. Everything you need is right here at Dentistry on the Square, where we believe in exceptional care and beautiful smiles. 

We also believe in making dental care fun. (Yes, you read that right.) It may seem impossible, but it’s not. You might think it will be cheesy, but it won’t. You see, we love what we do and helping you. Naturally, we have a good time at work (and we want you to feel the same.) We offer a variety of services for your smile, with a smile of our own!

From Ordinary to Life-Changing

Dental care and technology have changed so much over the years. Dr. Kari Stuntz has the tools and the training to provide families with comfortable, yet state-of-the-art dentistry. Our dental services in New Oxford are some of the most coveted solutions for all kinds of smile issues or needs. From checkups and cleanings to cosmetic makeovers and implant-supported dentures, it’s all available to you in our relaxing office with a team you know you can trust. 

Everything, Everyone – All Here for You

Taking care of your smile is something that goes beyond just having clean teeth. Science and researchers continue to make new connections between our oral and overall health. What’s happening with your smile can tell us what’s happening elsewhere in your body. When something isn’t right with your smile, it can also have an effect on the rest of you too. That’s why regular dental care is so important, from kids to grandparents! 

Dentistry on the Square has you covered in so many ways. (Probably more than you ever dreamed possible for you and your smile.) Our dental services in New Oxford are celebrated for gentle, stress-free, and affordable. Take a look at what we offer. How can we help your smile?

  • Dental Implants – We place and restore dental implants to fix missing teeth
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – We can expertly brighten and completely transform your smile with cosmetic enhancements
  • Restorative Dentistry – From fillings and dentures to oral surgery, fixing your smile is easy with us 
  • General and Preventive Dentistry – Cleanings and checkups that will help your teeth stay healthy for a lifetime. 
  • Sleep Apnea – Let us help you get a good night’s sleep you need (and deserve)
  • TMJ Treatment – Say goodbye to your annoying jaw pain and teeth grinding 

There’s nothing we can do for you and your smile, no matter how young or mature your smile is. Dr. Stuntz has advanced, specific training in caring for children or special needs patients, dental implants, emergency care, and oral surgery. There’s no specialist necessary when your family is part of our family at Dentistry on the Square. It’s where dental care is delivered with love (and a little laughter).