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Searching for Dental Implants in New Oxford?

Say Goodbye to Missing Teeth

Let’s face it: Missing teeth are no fun. Your solution? Dental implants in New Oxford. That’s right! You can fix your missing tooth or teeth right here at home, without having to travel to some specialist somewhere else. 

Are you ready for even better news? Dr. Kari Stuntz and the team at Dentistry on the Square have the training and technology to place and restore dental implant crowns. You won’t have to see another dentist or doctor. You can relax knowing you’re in good hands with the team you already know and trust. 

Now that you’ve found us, today’s the last day you’ll have to worry about a missing tooth or teeth!

What is a Dental Implant?

Injury. Trauma. Decay. Deterioration. Time. What do all of these words have in common? They’re all reasons that a tooth can become loose and fall out. Trust us when we say we’ve seen it all. Whatever the reason this happened to you, please don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. We’re here to help boost your confidence and get your smile whole and healthy again. 

The way a dental implant crown is used can be different for each patient, but how they work is the same for everyone. Dental implants contain a titanium post that acts as artificial tooth roots. This helps to keep your jaw bone stimulated and avoid loss or change in your facial shape over time. The post gets topped with a custom dental implant crown that blends perfectly with your natural teeth. You’ll have a smile that’s functional and fun to show off!

What are Mini Implants?

We’re proud to offer options for patients searching for dental implants in New Oxford. That’s why we have mini implants! We just went over the concept of how dental implant crowns work, and mini implants aren’t too different. What sets them apart from regular dental implant restorations is the size. Dr. Stuntz might recommend a mini dental implant for patients who are unable to receive other restorations such as a traditional dental implant. We’ve found that some people don’t have the bone density or the time to undergo regular dental implant treatment. 

Mini dental implants look and feel just like a regular dental implant crown. They have a titanium post containing a small ball on the end with a socket and small rubber ring where your crown is attached. Mini implants can generally be placed in just one office visit!

Let’s Talk Technology

Dental implant crowns wouldn’t be possible without major advancements in dentistry and it’s powerful technology. One of our favorite and most effective tools is our Cone Beam for precise 3D imaging. This allows Dr. Stuntz to map out exactly how your dental implant procedure will come together before surgery. 

When you’re ready to get started with your dental implant treatment, Dr. Stuntz will use guided implant surgery. This requires a customized surgical template and tool kit. Guided surgery uses the data from our Cone Beam to preplan your surgery, so it’s easy for everyone involved. Guided implant surgery is also beneficial due to:

  • Making surgery more comfortable and more efficient
  • Making surgery take less time
  • Requiring smaller incisions and less discomfort
  • Allowing for shorter healing time