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Full Mouth Restorations

Don’t be afraid of or get nervous about the words “full-mouth restoration.” It can sound like a big deal (in some ways it kind of is), but your cosmetic dentist will create a custom, step-by-step treatment plan. This will be our guide as we restore and transform your teeth both functionally and aesthetically. 

The goal here is to fix and restore everything in your mouth that’s not functioning as it should be, such as your teeth and gums. We want every part of your smile to operate like it’s supposed to, without issues or harm to the rest of your mouth or body. A full mouth reconstruction can:

  • Give you back your confidence
  • Help you enjoy a healthier diet
  • Provide the celebrity smile you’ve always dreamed of having

It’s hard to put a definitive timeline on your full mouth restoration treatment because everyone and every smile is different. Rest assured, your cosmetic dentist will do everything she can to make your smile whole again and help keep you out of pain for good.