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Minimal Prep Veneers

Before your cosmetic dentist can adequately place your porcelain veneers on your teeth, they need to be prepared first. That’s not the case with our minimal prep veneers called Lumineers. They’re carefully created and designed to deliver stunning results. Lumineers have been in use for over three decades and are the #1 patient-requested porcelain veneer system across the world. Lumineers are specially designed and crafted to fit your smile. They’re super thin and small (similar to a contact lens). Every veneer is inspected to ensure proper fit, comfort, and a seamless blend with your other teeth.

This type of minimal prep veneer is less invasive and generally thinner than traditional porcelain veneers. Because of this, Lumineers don’t require a lot of preparation of your natural teeth that can irreversibly remove healthy tooth structure. In clinical tests, Lumineers have been shown to last for over two decades. However, unlike other cosmetic treatments, Lumineers are completely reversible because underneath, your natural teeth are healthy and intact.